Arthouse Contemporary Nigeria Ltd.

Exhibition and Communication:

Founded in 2007, Arthouse Contemporary is an international auction house that focuses on modern and contemporary art from West Africa. With auctions held twice a year in Lagos, Nigeria, Arthouse Contemporary aims to create awareness of the scope of contemporary art in the region, encourage international recognition towards its talented artists and strengthen the economy of its art market. Arthouse Contemporary has recently expanded with Arthouse-The Space, which organises exhibitions of contemporary art, as well as the Arthouse Foundation, a non-profit residency-based programme in Lagos. Arthouse Contemporary is pleased to announce the solo exhibition of Ola-Dele Kuku, entitled Diminished Capacity, to be held in Lagos in 2017.

LMS Gallery Brussels.

Production of two main exhibition pieces:

Neon text (‘ Africa is not a country! ‘)

Braille light Box


Philippe Laeremans Tribal Art Gallery Brussels.

Contribution of one main exhibition piece (private collection) :

Opera Domestica I (Teatro dell’Archivio)

KU Leuven logo

KU LEUVEN Faculty of Architecture.

(International Masters Programme, Gent)

Intellectual support.